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Wednesday February 03, 2016

Board votes on resignation
The Shelley School Board held a special meeting Monday, which resulted in accepting a potential resignation of an employee.Doug Nelson, legal counsel for the school district, said due to privacy issues, they were not able to release the name of the employee in question and that information could only be obtained if the employee released the ...

Shelley Park committee eyes recreational district
Few attended and the meeting was short, but the committee for a new park in Shelley continues to move forward and dig deeper into the idea of creating a recreational district.“The committee is trying to find out how people in the community feel about this,” said Shelley City Councilwoman, Kim Westergard, who co-chairs the committee with Jeff ...

Shelley to get two new buses
At the Jan. 21 school board meeting, new buses were approved and Tringle Witt, math teacher at Shelley High School, reported that the tutoring program she started through the help of a grant has been a success.She said one student, who was failing with a grade of 12 percent, managed to not only pass the course, but understood the concepts and ...

Sheriff asks for defined policy
Bingham County Sheriff Craig Rowland has been reviewing employees that he would like to declare as exempt and he discussed them with Bingham County Commissioners on Wednesday.If employees are exempt they cannot be paid overtime or do concurrent work. Exempt employees do not fill out timecards. Instead they average their time so if they work 60 ...

Shelley adjusts per diem rate, assigns responsibilities
The Shelley City Council voted to increase the per diem rate for city employees and officials up to the State of Idaho amount of $51 per day for meals. The council also assigned liaison responsibilities.At the Jan. 26 meeting, Mayor Stacy Pascoe said that the city’s current per diem rate of $30 per day had not changed for a long time. Shelley ...

SHA students watch 3D presentation on driving safety
Shelley High School was briefly turned into a 3D movie theater Wednesday as Captain Mark Cowley handed out 3D glasses for a presentation on student driving safety.“This presentation is engaging on different levels. Kids haven’t seen this before. It’s a lot more interactive,” Cowley said. “I can tell by the end of it they are totally ...


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